Prince Harry in emotional turmoil after criticizing Kate Middleton in memoir while dealing with cancer diagnosis - OK! Magazine

06 April 2024 2729
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The recent cancer diagnosis of Kate Middleton might have prompted Prince Harry to reflect on some of his memoir's remarks about her.

Prince Harry, who was formerly very close to the Princess of Wales, distanced himself from royal duties and made some startling revelations about the royal family in his book, Spare, and a Netflix documentary. His move was accompanied by his wife, Meghan Markle.

Royal commentator Tessa Dunlop suggests that guilt might be gnawing at Harry due to what he penned about Kate in his memoir, especially after hearing about her recent health scare. Tessa shared her views by saying, 'It's a rather distressing position to be in, learning about your sister-in-law's cancer diagnosis and knowing you've said things that can't be taken back. I'm not implying otherwise.'

Tessa, while speaking to Us Weekly, commented on Harry and Meghan's behavior, stating that it has not seemed well-received. Harry did visit his father, King Charles III, when he was diagnosed with cancer in February. Following Kate's cancer news in March, Harry and Meghan released a statement wishing for her recovery and solitude.

Tessa advised the couple to be 'mindful' with their choices. In her words, 'They intentionally criticize the monarchy and present themselves as a viable alternative. So, when the monarchy faces difficulties, comparisons are naturally drawn. Can Harry and Meghan genuinely portray themselves as a compassionate illustrations now?'

'They definitely need to be mindful of the timing of their announcements to avoid appearing opportunistic,' she added.

Another royal expert stated that Harry might be 'filled with remorse' in the wake of his severely damaged relationship with the Princess of Wales. Harry previously considered Kate as the 'sister he never had' and might now wish for different circumstances.

Royal journalist Duncan Larcombe opined to New! magazine: 'Stunning news like Kate's brings things into sharp focus and Harry is not exempt from feelings of regret and wondering about what could've been. Harry used to see Kate as a sister and would undeniably regret the dramatic demise of his relationships with her and William.'