Joel Dommett's Impressive Transformation: 1 Stone Weight Loss and Smart Dieting Strategy - OK! Magazine

15 May 2024 1611
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The fitness transformation of comedian and TV presenter Joel Dommett is quite remarkable, given that the profession isn't known for promoting toned and muscular physiques. The 38-year-old has gone from skinny to fit by strictly following a diet and fitness regimen.

There has recently been a buzz online when he initiated speculation about his participation in a celebrity version of BBC One's popular TV show, Gladiators.

In a social media post, Joel, sporting a white vest and showing off his brawny biceps, expressed his interests by saying, 'Ultimately we all just want to be a Gladiator and be hugged by Bradley Walsh.'

In a light-hearted chat with Men's Health, he assumed, jokingly, that he might be the most fit comedian in the scene. Adding to his joke, he included his several other roles of a comedian, presenter, podcaster, author, actor, and fashion icon.

The host of The Masked Singer and In With A Shout, who recently became a father with wife Hannah Cooper, values his gym time as his 'No Phone Time' and ensures his agent knows not to call him during that period.

He attributes his mental peace to the workout time and feels restless if he is unable to train, even for a few days. He is of the opinion that exercise makes him a better person and feels the need to work out or go for a run to maintain his peace.

In a chat with Runner's World, Joel spoke about his challenging routine, including running and gym sessions. He shared that he runs three miles every weekday, with an extra long run added to his weekend routine.

He encourages others to join the fitness movement by charmingly comparing it to a 'cult'. He stated in an interview with Gay Times, that it will be a transformative experience for those who get involved and claimed his addiction to be working out with other men rather than drugs or sex.

Joel, who had notably lost a stone during his stint in I'm A Celebrity in the Australian jungle in 2016, told Sunday Brunch about his healthy diet habits, which include eating the right carbs, although he confessed he was not a big fan.

As he was eating a bowl of pasta, he humorously commented that he could feel himself bloating. Joel will be hosting In With A Shout, airing on Saturday, 11 May, at 7 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.