Lulu's Eventful Love Life: From Relationship with David Bowie to Boyband Lover as she Embarks on Farewell Tour - OK! Magazine

16 May 2024 2186
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As pop legend Lulu embarks on her farewell tour, she has been earning attention not only for her emotional final performances but also for her vibrant love life.

Although the 75-year-old singer, scheduled to end her final tour at Glastonbury this June, may currently be happily single, she reflects on her past high-profile romances, mentioning a brief romantic spark with renowned musician David Bowie.

A retrospective journey through Lulu's life reveals assorted affairs and romances, portraying the sprightly pop star from Glasgow in a new light...

Lulu, who had a close relationship with Bowie and even covered his famous hit in 1974, talks about how she felt a deep understanding from Bowie, remarking, "He said, ‘[The record company] don’t get you and they don’t get your voice either’. I felt seen."

Discussing the immediate spark during their first encounter, Lulu recalls, “Once we’d had something to drink, we were nose-to-nose, immersed in deep conversation for the rest of the evening.”

She elaborated, "When he focused on me, I felt like the center of the universe. His allure was overpowering. Our mutual sexual chemistry was undoubtedly a strong pull.”

However, their relationship was characterized by “recognition” and “fear”—Lulu claiming she was frightful of Bowie’s lifestyle filled with drugs.

Subsequently, Lulu found solace in the arms of celebrity hairstylist John Frieda, marrying him in 1977 and bearing a son. The couple divorced in 1991, yet love was never too distant for Lulu.

Following a brief liaison with musician Peter Noone, Lulu's next flame was Davy Jones, a member of The Monkees. However, Jones's deception of having a pregnant girlfriend led to heartbreak for the star.

Her subsequent romance with Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees was equally ill-fated, ending in 1974 mainly due to Maurice's alcoholism.

After her split from John Frieda, Lulu was linked to a series of younger men, including Take That member Jason Orange, whom she collaborated with in 1993. She describes their relationship as "special," dismissing any rumors of a romantic involvement.

The pop icon is now content with being single, happily living in London.