"Exploring CBB Star David Potts' Home: A Closer Look at His Stylish Air Fryer and Sunglasses Collection"

16 April 2024 2593
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In a recent exclusive conversation, David Potts, the charismatic winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2024, gave OK! a tour of his Bolton residence, sharing the stories behind some of his personal items.

Starting in the living room, the Ibiza Weekender star professed his love for one item in particular: “The carpet is one of my favourite things in the whole flat. I’m walking on it right now, a rarity as I usually hop from spot to spot, avoiding it altogether. But seeing as you're here, I'll let it slide!”

The snug dark L-shaped couch is where David stated he prefers to “relax and catch up on some TV - sometimes, I might even appear on the screen myself!”

Contrary to what fans might predict from someone as colourful as Potts, his apartment possesses an understated, minimalist air. Attired in a pink snakeskin-patterned jacket, he confessed a dislike for “disorder, clutter and excess items scattered everywhere.”

In terms of decor, David has only three abstract artworks adorning his walls, accompanied by stylish cream and black pampas grass occupying the corners. He is particularly fond of the well-lit bay window, which solely gets decorated during the festive season with a Christmas tree.

Proudly claiming to be a “fully fledged chef”, David proceeds to introduce OK! to his quaint kitchen and his cherished air fryer, from which, he says, “all my Michelin-starred dishes originate”. His dish of choice? Chips from M&S. Opening his refrigerator further reveals the his favoured drink – an entire shelf devoted to Pepsi Max (he jokes, “It's a good thing my teeth are artificial!”).

Subsequently, David shows off his bedroom, where he says “all the magic happens - or, in other words, where I sleep”. Maintaining the minimalist theme, the room is themed in shades of grey and white, punctuated by a whimsical touch – a massive plush sloth named Slaycey that occupies a prominent place amongst the pillows.

He then presents another area, equipped with a ring light and full-sized mirror, where David engages in beautification rituals and occasionally films videos. The room also houses a ‘Celebration Corner’ displaying his Celebrity Big Brother victory photograph and polaroids from the cast wrap party.

This room is also home to an array of sunglasses and perfumes. David admits, “I don't really wear jewellery or any sort of accessories, but I do have an affinity for stylish sunglasses. They evoke a sense of sunny weather, even amidst typical Bolton rain.”

The fashion-conscious star has an expansive wardrobe occupying an entire wall, featuring his collection of t-shirts, leopard print items and footwear, and notably a variety of colourful jackets.

We look forward to seeing more of David's unique style!

OK’s comprehensive interview with the star, who announced to OK! his new podcast series launching next week entitled The David Potts Show, will be published in the upcoming OK! mag edition.