Howard Stern Reacts to Jerry Seinfeld's Criticism of His Comedy Skills and Apology

15 May 2024 2007
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Article by Kase Wickman

The comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, has offered an apology to the broadcast personality, Howard Stern, following negative comments he made about Stern on a podcast that aired recently. Stern revealed during an episode of his show that Seinfeld, who he describes as a close friend, quickly reached out to apologize for his comments.

“Seinfeld got in touch immediately, expressing regret and a desire to apologize,” Stern relayed. He added that Seinfeld admitted that sometimes, things can be unintentionally said when on air.

Stern stated that 70-year-old Seinfeld extensively expressed his regret and even requested to appear on The Howard Stern Show to clarify his comments. Stern, also 70 years old, asserted that he had accepted Seinfeld's apology.

Stern explained, “It's not necessary, I don’t wish to delve into it. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s okay”. He admitted that he too has expressed regrets and apologies for things he has said on air despite being a fan of the people involved. “I sometimes make mistakes,” Stern admitted.

Seinfeld featured on Fly on the Wall, a podcast hosted by Dana Carvey and David Spade. There he made comments suggesting other talk shows are now superior to Stern's, which he described as “the best one on the air”.

“Stern pioneered this, right?” Seinfeld questioned. “But now, we have surpassed him. Stern is fascinating and a remarkable interviewer. But when it comes to humor, can we be real?”

Seinfeld then criticized Stern and went on to compliment Carvey and Spade's on-air chemistry, which he described as not irritating to their listeners.

The following day, Seinfeld issued a public apology to Entertainment Weekly.

“I regret my comments about my friend Howard Stern during a discussion about the plethora of comedy podcasts with David Spade and Dana Carvey. I intended to convey that Stern might feel overwhelmed but I used the term ‘outflanked’ which came off negatively and disrespectful,” Seinfeld admitted. “I’m sorry, Howie. I still regard you fondly. Please accept my apology.”

On his Monday show, Stern dismissed the controversy and revealed that he conveyed the same sentiments to Seinfeld who called him, distressed about his comments.

“Seinfeld, there’s no need. This is humiliating,” Howard said responding to his fellow comedian. “I am notorious for expressing regret about my on-air comments.

“Apology accepted, I don’t mind, and you know what?” He added, “If I’m not a comedian, I’m an interviewer, I’m not certain what I am. I have always considered myself slightly comedic, but whatever it is, it’s not a problem.”

Stern shared that he has been in the same situation.

“It’s unnecessary, I don’t want to get into it. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s okay,” he repeated. “I’ve previously apologized for things I said or actions on air, even when I’m a huge fan of the people involved. Sometimes I make mistakes.”

Stern further observed that Seinfeld was experiencing “a really terrible week,” possibly hinting at a recent incident where students interrupted Seinfeld's commencement speech at Duke University to stage a pro-Palestine protest.