Corinne Olympios' Advice for 'The Bachelorette' Contestants: Embrace Authenticity

11 June 2024 1562
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Corinne Olympios, a seasoned reality star, is set to appear on the upcoming reality series, Second Chances. Although she is looking for love, she still holds fond memories of her time on The Bachelor. She shares her wisdom with Jenn Tran's contenders on The Bachelorette in an exclusive video interview with Life & Style.

Corinne's advice is straightforward: “Just be yourself from the get-go. Make sure no one is awaiting you at home. Avoid communicating with others if you strive to end up with the object of your affections. Don't put up a facade,” says the 32-year-old to Life & Style, addressing the hopefuls competing for Jenn's affection. “Is it so difficult to just be yourself?”

She stresses the importance of authenticity, for if the winner proves to be insincere, the consequences could be dire. "If you are not being honest, you are both likely to end up going separate ways, as many in the franchise have experienced. So be yourself," she further advises.

“Show kindness, be pleasant. If you aren't fundamentally kind or nice, it will be evident, and you'll be on your way home anyway,” she summarizes. "It will all work out in the end. Just be true to yourself."

Corinne first gained attention on the reality scene when she participated in Nick Viall's 2017 Bachelor season. She made it to the hometown dates before being eliminated. Despite not capturing the heart of 43-year-old Nick, she remains one of the series' most memorable antagonists.

After half a decade since her reality television debut, Corinne is ready to search for love again on bspoketv's Second Chances. The new platform gives reality television stars a chance to find a lasting relationship through purposefully set up blind dates by the dating application First Round's On Me.

“Second Chances is a refreshing, entertaining dating show recasting the classic romantic encounters," she describes to Life & Style. “It was casual and enjoyable. We played a bunch of games, and I was hoping to find a man that genuinely wishes to find his match and settle down with."

Corinne distinguishes Second Chances from traditional reality dating series, saying it stands out because it brings together individuals who have a genuine interest in finding love, rather than those seeking attention or celebrity status.

“The show is also like a playful game which facilitates a robust understanding of the other person,” she adds.

Apart from dating, Corinne will also join Chelsea Briggs, Courtney Dober, Kristen Doute, and Garin Flowers in providing commentary.

Second Chances is slated to premiere on bspoketv on Thursday, July 25.