Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Heading Towards a Breakup: ‘Struggles to Make Relationship Work’

16 May 2024 1670
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly on the verge of a split, less than two years into their marriage. According to a source, the couple just couldn’t make their relationship work.

An insider revealed that things appear to be over between the couple, hinting at a looming divorce. In a surprising twist, blame for the rift is not being cast on Affleck.

Affleck, the star of the movie Argo, has reportedly moved out of their $60 million shared residence. Photos of Jennifer, 54, house hunting alone in Beverly Hills were taken on May 14, a day that Affleck, 51, was conspicuously absent.

The source revealed Affleck's focus to be his work and his children. His relocation, likely followed by selling the dream house they had been searching for for two years, concludes this chapter of their lives. While the love between them persists, their unyielding characters have driven them apart.

The decrease in time spent together by the couple, who were previously often in the spotlight together, has raised eyebrows among fans.

Speculations intensified when Affleck was notably absent from the Met Gala on May 6, despite his wife being a co-chair at the event. This absenteeism prevented what would have been their debut as a couple at the star-studded event. Jennifer, the star of Hustlers, had to navigate the red carpet solo without much cheer at times.

Affleck reportedly attributed his absence to commitments on The Accountant 2, but the source reports he had chosen to end his marriage.

Red carpet commentators were left in confusion as they anticipated Affleck's appearance behind Jennifer. However, her lone appearance left everyone in shock.

Tensions reportedly increased when Jennifer launched her Amazon Prime Video documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, in February, which delves into her romantic history with Affleck.

Having reconciled, Affleck expressed his discomfort over publicizing their relationship on social media. He admitted, however, the unfairness of this insistence and stressed their attempt to strike a compromise.

Jennifer revealed that while the publicity was not Affleck's preference, he didn't want to hinder her. According to the source, while Jennifer tends to control him, Affleck respects her career ambitions.

Affleck pointed at the public's intrusive interest as the cause for the cancellation of their planned September 2003 wedding just days before it, as revealed in the documentary.

The couple first broke up in January 2004, but they got back together again in 2021. They wedded in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022, followed by a grand formal wedding in his Georgia estate on August 20, 2022.