The Weight Loss Drug Kelly Clarkson Is Using to Shed Pounds: A Look Inside the Talk Show Host’s Revelation

15 May 2024 2429
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Kelly Clarkson has received criticism after revealing that she used a "weight loss drug" to help drop 50 pounds. However, she did not disclose the specific drug she used. A source did tell Life & Style, however, that it is likely Liraglutide.

The source further explained, "She's protecting the product's identity because she knows it would generate even more curiosity and she wants to avoid the extra scrutiny."

In a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the winner of American Idol confessed to using an unnamed medication. Whoopi, 68, commended her weight loss, attributing it to "that miraculous injection that is helpful to those who need some assistance."

Kelly, 42, revealed, "My doctor pursued me for about two years and I kept saying no because I was scared. I already have thyroid issues. I was fearful." She added, "People assume it's Ozempic, but it's not. It's something different. But it's a drug that aids in sugar breakdown. Obviously, my body doesn't do it properly."

Fans quickly criticized Kelly for not sharing the details earlier.

One person on X wrote, "We knew you were taking the medication. You should have been upfront from the get go. Picture how we feel about affluent, privileged movie & music stars like you, who already have so much more than us average folk, hoarding the medication so we can't access it for our benefit, just so you can look good."

Another rebuked the mother of two for "making everyday individuals feel insecure about their bodies."

Another social media user voiced, "I'm not upset that Kelly Clarkson lost weight or that she used a weight loss drug. I'm upset because she made other women feel inferior and like failures when 'exercising more and consuming protein' wasn't effective for them."

A different source informed Life & Style that Kelly was distressed by her fans' disappointment.

"Initially she mentioned she started walking more and adopted a healthier diet, which earned her praise. But now that she's confessed to taking medication, her fans feel betrayed. They supported her through her body transformation and believed in her, and now they're labeling her as dishonest," the insider clarified.

The source went on to say, "While it’s true she did begin walking more and eating healthier, she wasn’t completely transparent. She said it wasn’t Ozempic but a drug she needed to balance her bloodwork. She should have disclosed it earlier given that the medication is known to forward weight loss. Luckily for Kelly, her fans adore her and are likely to forgive her for nearly anything."