The Fragile State of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ Relationship: Leading Separate Lives

23 March 2024 2247
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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s relationship is reportedly at risk. The couple, who have been together for 13 years, are allegedly living separate lives. Amplifying the rumors was Eva’s noticeable absence during Ryan's performance at the 2024 Oscars on March 10.

On Thursday, March 21, a source told In Touch how unexpected it was to see Eva not being present at such a significant event for Ryan.

On that Oscars night, Ryan, 43, arrived with his sister Mandi Gosling, his mother Donna Gosling, and his stepdad Valerio Attanasio. Meanwhile, Eva, 50, was backstage near his dressing room, as hinted on her Instagram, with casual attire consisting of a denim skirt, loose white blouse, denim jacket, and a black baseball cap. In her post, she quoted "Always by my man," which contradicts the source's suggestions.

According to the source, unlike other events, the Oscars was meant to be an exception where Eva and Ryan would appear together, thus showing the extent of their separate lives.

Ryan and Eva, who are believed to have married secretly in 2022, are said to be dealing with jealousy issues. The source mostly pointed out how resentful Eva feels for having paused her acting career in 2012 and becoming engrossed in raising their daughters, Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 7.

The source also stated that been the primary carer for their children amid Ryan's active acting career has not been easy for Eva, despite her love for motherhood and supporting Ryan.

On keeping their relationship private, the source claimed it was mainly Ryan’s choice, a decision that Eva respects but does not particularly match her personality. Eva is eager to showcase their love life more publicly, as according to the source, people sometimes forget that she is Ryan’s wife and children’s mother.

The source further added that disagreement on having more kids and Eva’s desire to move out of Hollywood have also sparked arguments.

The source revealed that Ryan was interested in having another child, which ended up causing another dissonance as Eva does not want another child. The source even mentioned the possibility that this difference in desire could be the final straw leading to their separation.