$14 Cream Provides Hours of Relief for Nurses with Back Pain

23 March 2024 3049
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Dealing with persistent body pains is a common occurrence for regular workout enthusiasts. Though pain is not permanent, it can be quite distracting and, at times, insufferable. Rest alone is simply not enough, particularly if the pain needs to be alleviated quickly to get moving again. If you're in search for a quick solution, consider trying the popular Amazon product, Blue Emu Lidocaine Cream. This product helps to numb the slight discomforts within your body.

Priced at $14, this treatment aims to offer up to eight hours of relief from joint, muscle, and nerve pains, affecting any part of the body. The product includes emu oil, which deeply penetrates into the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of lidocaine and aloe vera, its other main ingredients. The therapeutic blend includes four percent of lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that blocks pain receptors, thus providing temporary numbness to alleviate the discomfort. According to emergency medicine physician, Owais Durrani, D.O., the aloe vera in Blue Emu lotion soothes the skin and reduces inflammation, making it ideal for overexerted muscles.

Users have praised the ointment for being fast-acting and relieving their everyday pain. One user, dealing with sciatica pain for years, claimed it "works almost immediately." Another user affirmed that the cream provides "instant relief" for all parts of the body. A third shopper relieved the top of their foot from weeks of soreness after just a few days of using the cream. Even a nurse gave the lidocaine based cream credit for relieving shoulder and back pain, stating that it "helps for hours."

So, the next time you're in pain from exercising or pushing yourself too hard at work, don't let the discomfort bother you. Tackle it head-on, quickly, with a pain relief cream. For just $13, you can stock up on Blue Emu Lidocaine Cream to numb any discomfort in your body. If you're looking for more options, consider exploring other popular pain-relief formulas loved by customers.