Chelsea Blackwell from Love Is Blind is mortified by Travis Kelce's impression of her

22 March 2024 2745
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Chelsea Blackwell, a star from the hit show Love Is Blind, had a genuine reaction to Travis Kelce's imitation of her.

Travis, a 34-year-old, confessed on a recent episode of “New Heights” podcast released on March 20, that he followed the series and even persuaded his brother, Jason Kelce, to watch it. Furthermore, he emulated Chelsea, 31, and her distinctive style of talking.

Chelsea reacted to Travis’s imitation in a TikTok video published shortly after the podcast episode, expressing her embarrassment at his impersonation of her. She humorously expressed a desire to disappear under a rock.

Chelsea, who featured in the sixth season of Love Is Blind, humorously portrayed that Travis had only seen her “whining like a baby back bitch.”

Chelsea concluded her video asking Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift, to stop watching the show if she is doing so.

Travis described Love Is Blind as the “worst trash ever,” when he encouraged Jason, 36, to watch it during their podcast episode. Strangely enough, he compared it to Catching Kelce, his own 2016 reality dating show, but also claimed it to be extremely entertaining.

Contrarily, Jason, a retired Philadelphia Eagles player, stubbornly refused to watch the show. He further emphasized to not inspire Netflix or other similar platforms to continue more of such content.

In the meantime, Travis was steadfast and wished for Jason to view Chelsea’s performance on the show. Travis slightly modified his voice to mimic the reality show contestant’s catchphrase.

Chelsea’s engagement to Jimmy Presnell was seen by the show's fans, but their relationship fell apart before they could exchange vows. Chelsea had a controversy during her time on the show, she ended up in the news for stating her resemblance to Megan Fox before Jimmy saw her.

Chelsea clarified that she had apologized to Megan, 37, for her comparison statement after the episode, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight published on February 22. She confessed about her wait for Megan’s response.

On the same note, she expressed her remorse for her comment in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts. She made it clear that there was no intention to deceive anyone with the comparison and that she was not the only one engaging in similar humorous discussions during their long dates. Moreover, she affirmed her regret for the comment.