The Romances of Eurovision Hosts: Unexpected Breakups, Angry Exes, and Enduring Partnerships - OK! Magazine

15 May 2024 2014
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Hosting Eurovision is thought of as an experience full of glamour and elegance, yet there are ups and downs that come with it, including those in personal relationships.

These hosts have dealt with a broad spectrum of relationship experiences, from shocking separations to upset former partners, enduring alliances, and everything in between. Let's explore the rollercoaster of their love lives, including both heartbreaking and uplifting moments.

At the age of 34, Rylan Clark found himself in the middle of a tumultuous breakup in 2021, terminating his six years of marriage to Dan Neal after confessing to past infidelity that happened 'years ago.'

This confession turned out to be the trigger for the end of their partnership. Dan, who was once a police officer, felt compelled to take the tough decision to move on.

Despite making efforts to mend the estranged relationship, the two-week attempt to salvage their marriage was unsuccessful, leading Dan to leave once again. The breakup aftermath weighed heavily on him, resulting in severe illness and loss of appetite.

As he grappled with 'dangerous' thoughts, the presenter took a break from his BBC Radio 2 show, which subsequently led to hospitalization in January.

Reflecting on that difficult phase, he unveiled that both his personal life issues and his unrelenting nine-year career had impacted his mental health adversely.

Graham Norton tied the knot with filmmaker Jonathan 'Jono' McLeod in a private ceremony in July 2022. This event had around 120 attendees, with a performance by Lulu.

Before finding Jono, Graham had several relationships, which he detail in his memoir, including a romance with Drag Race star, Tina Burner. According to his memoir, their relationship collapsed after a short time but was rekindled when Tina moved into Graham's London home, a period Graham described as a 'disaster.'

Graham admitted: 'When you're in the thicket of something and you’re desperate for it to succeed, you’ll make any attempt.'

Graham also had a relationship with Trevor Patterson that ended on a sour note in 2013. Trevor, who was 20 years younger, felt that Graham favored his dogs over him.

Trevor grumbled, 'He’d do anything for those animals. They are his world and were always his first love... He prioritized them over me.'

Scott Mills, who is engaged to Sam Vaughan, met his future partner at a radio event in Wales in 2016.. At first, they endured a long-distance relationship, traveling between London and Wales.

Scott reminisced to The Times, 'The more time we were spending together, I realized the suitability of our relationship. I wanted him to understand that as well.'

After Scott presented his feelings to Sam, the latter revealed he wasn’t ready for the next level, leaving him heartbroken.

'You can't just be friends with someone you're in love with,' he confessed, 'We stopped talking for half-a-year.'

Eventually, they took a leap of faith and cohabitated just before the first Covid lockdown was enforced. In 2021, they posted their engagement news on social media, and they plan to get married in the summer.

Richie Anderson has been with his partner, Dean Eagles, for almost a decade. Although they keep their relationship relatively private, from time to time, Richie posts updates about their relationship on social media.

The couple recently marked their ten-year anniversary with a romantic getaway to Italy, documented on social media. Despite their long-term commitment, it is still unknown if Richie and Dean are married.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC Radio 2 at 8pm on Saturday, the 11th of May