Review: How Dyson's Top-Rated Air Purifying Fan Helped Me Sleep Better as a Hayfever Sufferer - OK! Magazine

06 June 2024 2769
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Sleeping soundly, particularly during the summer season, can often feel like an elusive dream. As summer approaches, my sleep quality deteriorates due to a number of factors. It seems I am always on the hunt for a solution.

One major barrier for me is the uncomfortably hot and sticky weather. I have tried a myriad of fans in an attempt to cool my room enough to sleep comfortably under a light duvet (as a side note, I am simply not a fan of thin sheets), but to no avail. The noise of many fans tends to keep me up or they simply recirculate the hot air. The additional issue of hayfever often leaves me congested at night. Not an ideal situation for my significant other, who also struggles to sleep in the heat.

This year, I’ve made it a goal to invest in a solution that could ensure quality sleep, no matter the cost. I've recently acquired what several have dubbed as the ultimate fan: Dyson's Purifier HEPA CoolTM Formaldehyde TP09 purifying fan. While it is somewhat of a financial investment at £549.99, I’ve rationalized it down to a daily cost of £1.50, a price worth paying for a good night’s sleep in my opinion.

Outperforming others in its category, Dyson's fan is truly impressive in its quest to provide clean air. The advanced purifier detects and eliminates formaldehyde, frequently released by building materials and household products, ensuring a pollutant-free bedroom environment. It has a precise formaldehyde sensor and a unique catalytic filter which relentlessly improves the air quality.

The fan is also equipped with HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters. These filters trap dust, allergens, gases and other pollutants, making it ideal for individuals suffering from hayfever. With its powerful Air MultiplierTM technology, the fan circulates purified air throughout the room, providing comprehensive air purification.

Specially engineered to reduce turbulence, this model is also 20% quieter than its predecessors. In terms of setting up, it was a fairly straightforward process with a few minor hiccups with the filter caps. Despite this, the fan is functioning as expected.

The fan comes with a handy remote control which controls the settings. It has an auto mode where it pauses once the target air quality is achieved. You can also adjust the oscillation, temperature and airflow speed. It also offers a programmable sleep mode with dimmed LCD screen.

I used the fan thoroughly for a week before relaying my thoughts. It’s been a game-changer and had a significant impact on my sleep from the first night, which has been confirmed by my sleep-tracking watch.

The only slight issue was when the fan was set to a one-hour timer, but that's easily resolved. The fan also comes with an app which I am yet to explore. One downside is the additional cost and effort of replacing the filters every year.

The fan costs £549.99 and the replacement filters £85. Amazon also offers more affordable air purifiers that start at £49.99.