Update on Premier League Team of the 2023/24 Season: March 2024

20 March 2024 2069
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As we approach the March Internationals, it feels like the Christmas eve of the global football calendar - it's the final pause before we plunge into the summer's Euro 2024 and Copa America.

At this stages, we have waded through around seventy-five percent of the Premier League season and the award season buzz is about to skyrocket.

Here at 90min, we've decided to get into the groove early. Here are our nominations for the team of the year so far.

Tottenham's decision to cease talks with David Raya and shift focus to the relatively unrenowned Guglielmo Vicario sparked curiosity about their judgement and recruitment.

However, the Italian has not only met but surpassed all anticipations, positioning himself firmly among the league's finest goalkeepers. Undeniably, he has been phenomenal this season.

History draws up a rather short list of full-backs capable of playing in the style Trent Alexander-Arnold does.

The Liverpool star's strikes from the sideline to crossing balls and creating overloads in the field have been nothing short of exceptional this season.

How many can claim that they burst into the Premier League and, by the age of 22, become one of the top defenders? It's an impressive feat.

What William Saliba is accomplishing with Arsenal is brilliant, managing one of the world's stingiest defenses with the finesse of an experienced pro.

After the prior season, it was reasonable to presume that Virgil van Dijk was past his peak.

Liverpool's newest skipper has certainly silenced critics this year, reasserting his position atop the league's centre-back hierarchy.

Though there's a paucity of outstanding left-backs at present, it doesn’t lessen what Destiny Udogie has achieved this year.

Before this season, he seldomly played as a regular full-back, but was swiftly tasked with executing specific roles in Ange Postecoglou's system at Tottenham. Despite this, the 21-year-old has flourished.

While no one expected Declan Rice to fall short at Arsenal, very few anticipated his swift rise to rank among the world's best midfielders, perhaps, except Rice himself.

It's daunting to conceive what the Gunners might look like sans their £105m key player.

We're not implying he’s at the top yet, or that he may ever reach it, but the fact that Rodri is drawing comparisons with Sergio Busquets reveals his significant progress at Manchester City.

Presently, he's the best defensive midfielder in world football, without a doubt.

Choosing between Phil Foden and Martin Odegaard caused a fierce office debate.

On one hand, Foden had turned out to be more of a game-changer when Man City required one. Odegaard, on the other hand, shined remarkably in the latter half of the season.

Foden's early season heroics secured him a slight advantage.

Mohamed Salah continues to stun with his relentless performance- 15 goals and nine assists in 22 games. The ease with which he keeps achieving this is astounding.

Similar to the scenario with Foden, Erling Haaland's inclusion sparked serious debates.

The stats tell the tale - 18 goals and five assists in 23 games. Despite questions regarding his clutch performances, including him in this XI felt more apt than picking another player from Man City's rivals.

With a total tally of 26 goals and assists, nobody has contributed more to scoring than Aston Villa's Ollie Watkins in the Premier League this season.

He now sets his sights on a grander title - Exeter's proudest product, challenging Chris Martin of Coldplay.