A Candid Review of the Dyson Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer

15 May 2024 2351
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During my latest visit to my hairstylist, she informed me that not blow-drying your hair can be more harmful than beneficial. For individuals who color their hair like me, utilizing the cool shot on a blow dryer can successfully seal the hair cuticle. This leaves the hair looking glossy and smooth while also protecting it from additional damage. You may wonder how a hair dryer could be a positive thing for hair.

Dyson's research team has been working tirelessly to provide a satisfactory answer to this question. They have developed a device with top-notch temperature-control technology. Supersonic Nural, Dyson's newly launched product, comes equipped with smart sensors that decrease the heat settings the closer the blow dryer is to your scalp. Unlike other hair dryers that use a one-time function to cool and seal the cuticle, the Supersonic Nural never reaches a damaging heat level in the first place. This tool uses its hidden sensors to regulate heat settings without manual input, ensuring a safe and effective blow-dry.

To test its efficiency, I used the Supersonic Nural to blow-dry my hair four times a week for six consecutive weeks. I wanted to ascertain whether the smart technology heat control indeed prevents hair damage. My review on the Dyson Supersonic Nural after the test period reflects my hair health condition.

Time Frame: I used it for 24 blow drys over six weeks.

Evaluation Criteria: Dry Time, Performance, Ability to Reduce Frizz, Simplicity in Use.

Target Group: It caters to all hair types. The dryer's magnetic attachments come in handy for varying textures and fashion styles.

Options: Temperature - 4, Speed - 3 | Power: 1,600 watts | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Warranty: 2 years | Notable Features: Mode to Protect Scalp, Attachment Learning, Detection of Pause

This ultra-light hair dryer weighs under two pounds. Its motor is situated at the base of the handle for better maneuverability while styling, unlike most hair dryers that are top-heavy. Traditional hair dryers often cause overheating, even at low heat settings, making the experience uncomfortable. However, this is a non-issue with the Dyson Supersonic Nural, ensuring an enjoyable hair-drying session.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer employs Air Multiplier Technology, which produces a speedy air stream for hair drying. It does not use excessive heat. This is not a novel technique; it’s the method that has been used by the Dyson Supersonic for years, enhancing the airflow quality compared to standard hair dryers.

The Nural advances the Dyson hair-dryer legacy by verifying that your blow-dry never reaches a temperature damaging to your hair or scalp. It uses intelligent technology to regulate air temperature based on the distance between the dryer and your scalp, reducing the temperature as the device approaches your scalp.

Although the infrared light used to measure the distance from the dryer to your scalp is invisible, there’s a device in the hair dryer's rear that changes color according to the proximity. Blue light signifies lower proximity and reduced heat, changing from yellow to orange and finally red as the distance increases, indicating increased heat settings. The Nural employs the same heat and speed settings as the Supersonic, but with auto-adjustment, making it foolproof.

Another futuristic feature of this dryer is its automatic shutoff once set down, a useful addition during a blow-dry. This energy-saving trait has become a game-changer for my blow drying routine, making me wonder why it was not implemented sooner. I appreciate not having to switch the dryer on and off during the styling process.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural includes five smart attachments, including the new Curl + Wave diffuser, which you can use in two modes. Consider the Dome for smooth, round curls and the Diffuse for more defined curls. The Diffuse mode includes a pronged attachment that allows the airflow to get into the roots of curls. This is especially helpful for coils and protecting the integrity of your curl pattern. I didn't use this feature, but I did use the Dome and detail my experience below.

Employing smart technology, the dryer adjusts the temperature automatically based on what attachment you pair it with. This attachment learning technology ensures you use hot styling tools without damaging your curls. It's nice to know that with the Nural, your device automatically adjusts temperature with each attachment, so you don't have to fumble with heat settings as you're blow drying.

What I Love: The high-tech promises deliver. The intelligent heat control feature kept the dryer from damaging my hair by lowering the temperature when it got close to my scalp. After 24 blow-drys within six weeks, I experienced no new split ends or hair loss.

It's Worth Noting: The cord is quite long. This is probably to make the dryer easier for stylists in a salon setting (and isn’t a big deal), but it does add some bulk to an otherwise lightweight dryer. 

The Nural transformed my puffy, frizzy hair into a lovely, smooth ‘do and kept me confident that I wasn't scorching my scalp in the process. In the past, I avoided drying my hair after each wash to prevent damage. Even though my shoulder-length hair typically poufs out when not styled, I preferred the pouf to the potential heat damage. As I mentioned earlier, I'm also a double-processed blonde, and my scalp can get oily, especially after a sweaty workout. I love the aesthetic hot tools can create, but wasn't willing to risk the damage. The Nural changed all that.

I don't typically use a ton of attachments, but the beauty of a Dyson is its versatility. With the Nural, I used two attachments: the Styling Concentrator and the Dome. For a sleek, straight look, the Styling Concentrator attachment is my go-to. After towel-drying my hair until about 40 percent dry, I began styling. I’ve heard some people miraculously cut their dry time to five minutes with Dyson products, but for someone with thick or textured hair, dry time will be a bit longer. I got my hair fully dry in under 15 minutes, cutting about 10 minutes from my routine (as a busy mom, I’ll take it). Occasionally, I used the Dome mode to create loose waves. This attachment cast the airflow away from my head into the dome attachment, sculpting soft, round, natural-looking curls that stayed sleek (not puffy) even after hours of wear. No matter which attachment I used, at the end of each blow dry, I spritzed my hair with a leave-in conditioner and used the Cool Shot to set my style and give my hair a little extra TLC.

What does such a high-tech styling tool look like? Chic. The model I tried is called Vinca Blue/Topaz, a deep, royal blue with copper accent buttons. The Supersonic Nural also comes in Ceramic Patina/Topaz, another new hue for the line. If you're going to splurge on a hairdryer, these color options are anything but ordinary.

The short answer: Dyson Supersonic Nural is worth every penny. I’m a total convert. After six weeks of continuous use (not to mention over 24 styling sessions), my hair has not sustained any damage: I haven’t noticed any new split ends, and the texture is voluminous and full-bodied. My hair is shinier and healthier, and most importantly, I haven't experienced any new hair loss. As a bonus, I’ve cut my dry time by 10 minutes. The science doesn’t lie. The Dyson Supersonic Nural protects the integrity of your hair and helps you achieve your best-styled look.