The Secret Sauce Revealed: Taylor Swift's Insights by Lana Del Rey

11 June 2024 2237
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Article by Kase Wickman

According to Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift's incredible career is a result of her hard work and determination.

Del Rey, who teamed up with Swift on the song “Snow on the Beach,' discussed Swift's success in an interview with BBC News. She attributes Swift's achievements to her undeniable will to succeed, simply saying: “She wants it.”

“She’s told me over and over that she desires it more than anyone else,” Del Rey added. “And how wonderful it is—she’s attaining everything she aimed for.”

“She’s focused, and it has truly paid off,” Del Rey states.

To say the least, Swift's journey is extraordinary. She is a billionaire, unique in that she earned her wealth through her own music and performances, not through endorsements. Swift holds the record for the highest-grossing concert film of all time with Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Notably, during her record-breaking fourth Grammy Album of the Year win in 2024, Swift invited Del Rey to join her on stage. Swift's influence extends beyond fame; she affects the economy, travel patterns, and even legislation. For instance, a single Instagram post from her in 2018 encouraged 65,000 new voter registrations in one day.

Therefore, yes, her determination has indeed paid off.

Achieving success through relentless hard work and persistence, while serving a long-term goal, may not be as exciting or 'fucking beautiful' as snow on the beach, but that is indeed the nature of the entertainment industry.