Joan Vassos Named First Ever Golden Bachelorette at ABC Upfront: Here's What You Need to Know

15 May 2024 1653
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The Bachelor franchise has introduced its newest star - Joan Vassos. Joan was presented the honor of being the inaugural Golden Bachelorette during ABC's upfront on Tuesday, May 14. Joan had previously been seen on season 1 of The Golden Bachelor with Gerry Turner, where she chose to leave the show herself.

"The secret’s out," Joan, 61, declared on Instagram after the announcement. "It’s a privilege to be #TheGoldenBachelorette."

Although Gerry and Joan shared a special bond during their on-screen romance, Joan had to make the tough decision of rejecting her rose and going home due to her daughter's health complications following childbirth.

"The delivery wasn’t straightforward. Sometimes, things go wrong. In case everything went as planned, your mother's presence is important," Joan discussed during her farewell. "Family will always be my priority. The role of a mother never ends, irrespective of your children's age. Nothing is more essential."

Joan later conveyed that her interaction with Gerry might have mended her heart a bit.

She confessed, "As we age, we tend to become invisible. People don't pay attention. The importance you once had seems to fade."

Once the episode featuring Joan's exit had aired in October 2023, she was flooded with messages from Bachelor Nation fans inquiring about her daughter’s health.

She acknowledged, "Thank you to everyone for their concern for my family. Being a mother to four wonderful children and a grandmother to two beautiful grandkids is a huge honor. But remember, once a mom, always a mom, and sometimes finding love doesn't align with timing."

As things seemed to be getting better for Joan on the family front, she was declared The Golden Bachelorette. Gerry posted his congratulations for her on Instagram shortly after this announcement was made.

Gerry penned in a May 14 post, "Dear Joan, A hearty congratulations on being titled the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. You will perfectly represent a new generation. From one ‘Golden’ to another, unwind, breathe, and enjoy. From Gerry."

Gerry, the former lead, proposed to Theresa Nist during the finale and bid farewell to Leslie Fhima. Gerry and Theresa's wedding took place live on television in January. However, a little over a quarter after their union was celebrated by Bachelor Nation, they decided to end their relationship and announced their separation.

In a joint interview with GMA host Juju Chang, Gerry revealed in April, "We both have reached a mutual understanding that it's the right time to end our marriage" adding, "It’s been clear through our conversations how dedicated we are to our respective families. Considering the circumstances, we believe that it would be best for our respective happiness to live separately."