Sue Radford of 22 Kids Rocks Luxe Clover Jewelry Inspired by Kate Middleton - Shop the Style NOW!

20 March 2024 2199
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Sue Radford, a mother of 22, seems to have a flair for trendy jewellery. In a recent YouTube video showing her opening Mother's Day gifts with her children, viewers noticed her sporting two stylish bracelets.

Resting on her wrists, two charming clover bracelets catch the eye. Whether these come from the luxurious jewellery brand Van Cleef Arpels remains uncertain. However, the design resonates with the brand's signature style, loved and often worn by royals like Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Queen Camilla.

Those desirous of owning one of these stunning, well-loved 18K gold, mother-of-pearl bracelets might need to dig deep into their pockets. One particular model, the Sweet Alhambra Van Cleef bracelet, which carries a single clover detail, costs £1,300. Sue, meanwhile, seems to be wearing something akin to the Vintage Alhambra bracelet, which sports 5 motifs and gets priced at a steep £4,350.

You might recognise this style from Ex-Love Islander Molly-Mae's collection. She's known to own the emerald clover leaf variant, which has a price tag of £4,600.

For those willing to shell out such high prices, rest assured that there are alternatives.

Loose Women Panelist Olivia Attwood, an ambassador for Abbott Lyon, has recommended the brand for its designer-replica items available at more affordable prices. For example, there's a custom clover name bracelet available for just £69.

If you're looking for an even more budget-friendly option, you'll be pleased to know that a flower detail bracelet is quite affordable at just £13, thanks to EGO.

This design is available in an array of colours, including a lovely turquoise blue and a striking black/gold variant.